2017-02-16 / Front Page

BPD releases racial profiling report

By Becky Holland

The Brownsboro City Council approved the racial profiling report that was released by the Brownsboro Police Department.

A racial profiling report is required of all agencies through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. According to the report, the Brownsboro PD claimed partial racial profiling report exemption.

One of the main reasons is because the department’s vehicles, which conduct main vehicle stops,“are equipped with video and audio equipment and we maintain videos for 90 days,” according to Chief Robertson.

The department has adopted a detailed written policy on racial profiling. During the last year, the Brownsboro Police Department has made a total of 2,135 stops. There were 2,128 that were only citations and seven resulted in both citations and arrests.

The race or ethnicity of those stopped were compiled as follows:

African American: 284

Asian: 21

Caucasian: 1,531

Hispanic: 271

Middle Eastern: 26

Native American: two

Two times prior to the stop, the race/ethnicity was known, while 2,133 times it was not known. 2,135 times searches were not conducted.

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