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Missing dogs cause concern

By Becky Holland

Drake has been missing since January 25. (Courtesy Photo) Drake has been missing since January 25. (Courtesy Photo) Monica called and called for her black Labrador, Drake. He never came to her. The last time she had seen her dog was when they were all outside. She had walked inside for a few moments… Sometime during that brief time, Drake went missing.

Not known for running away, Drake is normally very well-behaved. It was on Jan. 25 around 5pm that Drake went missing from the family home outside of the Brownsboro city limits.

“Right around the time that Drake went missing, a neighbor at the next road over discovered her black Daschund had gone missing, and a Beagle went missing in Leagueville,” Monica said.

As of press time, Drake is still missing. There is an $800 reward being offered for Drake’s return or information about what happened to him. Call 903-570-4893.

On Feb. 2, around the intersection of County Roads 3615 and 3614, Matilda, the beloved beagle belonging to the David Darden family went missing. Jenny Darden said that Matilda was last seen wearing a faded pink collar with a name tag. A large reward is being offered for the return of the dog or for information leading to her whereabouts. Call 903-360-8570.

Matilda went missing Feb. 2. (Courtesy Photo) Matilda went missing Feb. 2. (Courtesy Photo) On Nov. 21, at 8:30 am, Genny, a two-year-old registered female black Labrador, went missing. The Beanblossom family has not given up hope on finding her.

The family lives close to FM-317 and CR 3600. According to Kelley Beanblossom, “Genny was out with our other dog – a part yellow Lab. They disappeared for 10 minutes, and our yellow dog came back.”

Genny didn’t. “She has lived with us for two years, and knows every square foot – I don’t believe she got lost. She had a collar on and she is microchipped through Pet Link,” Kelley said.

Genny has been missing since November. (Courtesy Photo) Genny has been missing since November. (Courtesy Photo) “We had had her since she was six weeks old. My husband and all of our neighbors have searched for her. There has been no sign of buzzards or a stench. We believe someone came up the road that morning and took her,” Kelley said. The family has put up about 500 flyers, purchased an ad in the newspaper, put her picture up everywhere including all the ‘lost dog’ websites and nothing has happened. “We just moved here two years ago, and we were pleasantly surprised by all of the wonderful neighbors we have around us.”

Kelley continued, “We have put out a $500 reward.” Call 903-802-1556 if you have information.

Chief Ron Reeves of the Chandler Police Department said his department periodically gets calls about missing dogs, but most return very quickly. Brownsboro Police Chief Thomas Robertson mentioned via email that he was aware that dogs appeared to go missing during certain times of the month.

Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse told the Statesman via email last week that in the last six months, “We have had two reports with citizens reporting their dogs had been stolen.”

Hillhouse continued, “One dog was actually located and returned home … We do still have one missing.”

He said, “We have not seen a pattern with dogs being stolen.” Hillhouse did state that if a suspect was found to be in possession of a stolen dog they could be charged with theft.

“The classification of the theft would be determined by the value of the animal,” Hillhouse said. As far as the department knows, there have not been any reports of people fighting dogs in the area. “But if someone was found to be fighting dogs, it is a felony offense.”

Kelley Beanblossom said, “We would do anything to have our Genny back.”

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