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Tebow: “We’ve already won”

By Travis Tapley

Tim Tebow spoke to students prior to a dinner at Grace Community School in Tyler last week. (Travis Tapley/Statesman Photo) Tim Tebow spoke to students prior to a dinner at Grace Community School in Tyler last week. (Travis Tapley/Statesman Photo) Excitement was high last Thursday as students from schools in east Texas gathered at Grace Community School in Tyler to hear Tim Tebow, former NFL quarterback, current professional baseball player, author and Heisman trophy winner, speak.

Student-athletes from Brownsboro High School were scheduled to attend the sessions. Their tickets had been donated as mentioned in a previous Statesman article.

Known as being a fierce competitor on the field, and the baseball diamond, Tebow says he was a fierce competitor even as a child. He learned all about competition via sibling rivalry. Tebow is the youngest of five children. In fact, Tebow’s competitive nature was a contributing factor that led his college – Florida – to win a national championship.

Tebow asked the question, “What happens when the competitive nature gets the best of you and you lose sight of other things around you?” He shared a story where he experienced that.

It was after the 2009 season. His team at Florida was defeated by Alabama in the SEC Championship. Tebow mentioned that the following weeks after the game, he was miserable, and was “so torn by that loss that my focus turned away from God… I became a ‘me’ person.”

During an awards’ weekend – where Tebow was nominated for six honors, that all changed for him. He was dejected over the loss, and when the players from Alabama and Texas walked by him, Tebow said, “I wanted to throw up.” It was around that time that he was asked to meet a young woman with special needs.

He refers to the meeting with her as a moment when God really began working on his attitude. Tebow asked her to be his date for the awards’ show the next night. At that ceremony, Tebow didn’t win. Sitting there, he remembered the misery creeping back up.

As if she could sense what was going on, Tebow said his mom said, “It’s OK, Tim, you’ve already won.”

Tebow told the students that it doesn’t matter what happens in life – good or bad. “We have already won the race. When ego, attitude and the challenges of life are weighing us down, remember… God is bigger than any fear that is in front of us … and we can conquer anything, and know that…. we have already won.”

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