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Something Else

Yazoo City, Mississippi
Bette Jones (sdg)

Once again, I refer back to my traveling days, this time when we toured the state of Mississippi. But I just want to mention that we stopped in Yazoo City for only a few minutes for a rest stop, and because we had heard of the city in some of Jerry Clower’s stories. At the tourists’ center we were welcomed and each presented with several small gifts.

One of the gifts was a community directory of Yazoo County. I’m not sure why I kept it this long but now I’m glad I did. It tells me that the year was either 1999 or 2000. There’s not much information in it that I could have used, but it is a nice little booklet that had space for each day with six lines for writing in appointments. It was also a business directory which I never used, and a page to write frequently called phone numbers.

But there was also printed among business ads, a little story about how to cope with STRESS.

I think I will print it for you as well as for myself to remember. Easy Ways to Cope with STRESS:

Make duplicate keys ... Buy yourself a flower ... Smile ... Be prepared for rain ... Exercise every day ... Stop a bad habit ... Dance a jig ... Get up 15 minutes earlier ... Avoid negative people ... Don’t rely on your memory, write it down ... Use time wisely … Become a better listener ... Don’t know all the answers ... Break large tasks into bite-sized portions ... Ask for help with the jobs you don’t like ... Simplify meal times ... Avoid tight fitting clothes ... Set appointments ahead ... Do everything in moderation ... Unclutter your life.

Okay. I read that Sunday afternoon, Feb. 5, 2017. Then looked ahead to watching the Super Bowl.

Not being too much of a sports fan, I thought I would just relax and watch the game with my husband. We decided to choose the Atlanta team to win because they seemed to be the underdogs. Well, when the game started, I was glad we had chosen the Falcons who started out beating the Patriots team handily.

Then after halftime, you know what happened: The Patriots team took over the scoring. The game went into overtime. When it was all over and the Falcons lost, I was plumb STRESSED out! ... Could have had a heart attack.

So I think I’m giving up on watching football, at least for a while.

I may just go out and buy myself a flower ... and Smile!

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