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Master Gardener

HCMGA to give rose pruning presentation
by Lydia Holley

Henderson County Master Gardener Association will present “Making the Cut: How to Properly Prune Roses” on Tuesday, February 21, 5:30 p.m. at the Clint W. Murchison Memorial Library, 121 S. Prairieville, Athens. This presentation is free to the public.

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is usually regarded as a day of love. Chocolates, roses and other gifts are given and received by many. For the rosarian in East Texas, however, that day signifies it is time to prune roses.

I grow over 100 roses in my garden. Each of them are given a pruning during the month of February. However, because I grow all types of roses, from Hybrid Teas to Antique Teas, they are each pruned differently, according to their classification.

Roses are a very popular plant for gardens. Most gardeners, however, have little confidence when they first start pruning their rose bushes. Until they gain experience, they may either prune too much, prune too little, or not prune at all.

They may also choose to research pruning instructions, not realizing that those instructions may not be the correct technique for their particular class of rose. Most pruning instructions given are for Hybrid Teas, although most gardeners grow landscape roses, or shrubs.

Do you know how to correctly prune the roses in your garden? Are you insecure when it comes to pruning your roses? Do you know how to correctly prune a climbing rose vs. a noisette?

If you are unsure of where to start pruning your roses or how to prune a rose correctly, join us for an informative before-and-after pictorial presentation. The basics of rose pruning will be explained, as well as, the correct pruning technique for each class of rose. You will leave with more knowledge, more confidence, and an informative handout to take with you in the garden when you begin pruning your own roses.

This presentation is a part of the Henderson County Master Gardener ‘Learn at the Library’ series. Future presentations will be given on the third Tuesday of each month.

For more information, call 903-675-6130, email hendersonCMGA@gmail.com or visit www.henderson-co-tx-mg. org.

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