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Brownsboro closer to street upgrades

By Becky Holland

Street improvement in Brownsboro has been a topic of contention for more than a decade. Some say there has been discussion about changing the streets, improving them, repairing and reconstruction of problem areas for almost 20 years.

Longtime Brownsboro Councilman Glen Vest said, “I have been sitting in this seat for at least 12 years, and I know for 12 years we have discussed making our streets better for at least that long … until we’re blue in the face. We continue to do that. It is past time for us to get a plan in front of the people, and let them decide if they want the improvements or not.”

During the Brownsboro’s City Council meeting on March 9, council members heard from a representative of Velvin and Weeks – a consulting engineering firm in Athens – about the possibilities of new roadway design. He spoke on the infrastructure of the city of Brownsboro – specifically giving generalized statements regarding the potential for changes and improvements.

It was explained that the first part of the street improvement process would be for the council to make a motion to hire Velvin and Weeks to come up with a preliminary design plan/A motion was made and approved by council to hire the firm to do the preliminary design plan for up to $4,000. Once this was approved, Velvin and Weeks planners will work together with city officials to come up with a plan. Their hope is to present the preliminary plan at the next meeting of the Brownsboro City Council.

Once a preliminary plan is set and approved for the project, there will be several other steps, including contracting with a firm to assist in preparing for a possible bond election and public hearings so that the citizens of Brownsboro can voice their opinions and be kept abreast of the goings on.

Transparency in this project was a key topic last Thursday, with all the council agreeing that they needed the public to be actively involved in the process.

Citizen Joe Angel was present at the meeting, and wanted to talk about the street improvements, and the need for something to get done. “Have you driven down Castleberry? If something isn’t done, it won’t exist anymore,” he said.

Councilman Len Vest said, “Once we get the preliminary report, and start the process, we may have to look at some of the streets and make repairs while waiting.”

“Well, I am here because I believe that this needs to be done… I am all for lobbying for new streets in Brownsboro,” Mr. Angel said.

In other news, the council approved an agreement with the Brownsboro EDC and Med Stop Clinic. This agreement that was signed is a memo of understanding in an effort to bring healthcare to Brownsboro. As mentioned in a previous article in the Statesman, MedStop Clinic will provide tele-medicine patient services to the area. The location of the clinic will be at 14332 SH-31 East in Brownsboro – situated west of Brownsboro City Hall.

For the first 12 months after the clinic opens, the city of Brownsboro has waived the rent cost of $300 per month, to assist the clinic as it begins. The Brownsboro Economic Development Corporation will provide monetary assistance in the amount of $10,000 for site clearing and modifications if necessary to prepare for occupancy at the site.

Brownsboro City Council also cancelled the election due to the lack of opposition for the incumbents in the races up for re-election.

The next meeting of the Brownsboro City Council will be the second Thursday in April at 5pm.

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