2017-03-16 / News

Sagging utility line causes accident

By Becky Holland

Last Monday, SH-31 traffic was impeded for several hours as emergency personnel and Texas Department of Transportation staff worked to clear an accident scene.

Official reports are now that a utility line that had sagged below the minimum required 18 foot was a part of the cause of the incident which caused six utility poles to be pulled down in the roadway.

A high load truck had come through town, and was legally permitted for 17 feet and six inches, according to Chandler Police Chief Ron Reeves. The truck caused the lines to be pulled.

One vehicle – a van – driven by a Chandler resident, Tom Jones, was struck by a falling pole and cable. Two other vehicles at Berry’s Auto Sales received minor damage as a result of falling cables.

Reeves said, “The accident happened around 11:45 am and we cleared the scene at 6:15 pm.”

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