2017-03-16 / Writer's Corner

The Lions Den

Lions — “What do they do?”
By Ruby Simon

Lions have come to the aid of thousands of people from all groups of life. Their goal has always been “to serve.” In 1927, Lions built a campsite for Boys and Girls Clubs. Lions, in Inglewood, California, bought food, clothing and tobacco to the impoverished Soboba Indians. In 1938, Lions, in Massachusetts, gave eye tests to children. In Louisiana, Lions planted flowers along a new paved highway and Tennessee Lions sponsored a competition for farmers to encourage prosperous planting. Lions in Anchorage, Alaska, bought an ambulance, and in 1959, Mint Canyon, California, Lions installed garbage cans at a picnic area. Lions in Tacoma, Washington, held a sports day for children in 1950 and Seattle Lions bought a projector for their community. At the world’s largest BINGO game in 1955, Ottawa, Canada, gave food baskets as prizes and, over 20,000 people played 52 games over two nights. Lions used the money for a new cancer clinic. I hope to share more of the wonderful things Lions have been able to do in future columns. So the answer to the question, “What do they do?” is “everything and anything.” Lions’ goal is to serve others.

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