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Spreading the Word of God

By Becky Holland

Kyle Wright Kyle Wright CHANDLER – Nearly a decade ago, Kyle Wright stood on the corner of FM 315 and SH-31, and held up a sign proclaiming Jesus was Lord and He was coming back.

“People would throw things and yell stuff out at me,” Wright said from his lawn chair, sitting near his car, in a vacant lot near the Kidd Jones/Subway station last Saturday.

“It used to bother me… people doing what they did, and I used to worry what they would think of me,” he commented.

But it didn’t stop Wright who lives in Chandler near the lake – from sharing the news that Jesus is coming back. ”

He said, “I made a promise to God that I would do whatever I needed to do for Him.”

Wright explained, “My life was a huge mess, and there was no one to blame but me.”

“I was sitting in a jail cell, and on my way to prison,” he stated, adding, “and I just was having harsh conversation with God. I didn’t talk too nice to Him. I told Him that He either needed to kill me or help me change because I couldn’t continue to live like this.”

The change happened, and Wright said, “I felt God leading me to tell others about Him – and I just really felt like He was guiding me to hold that sign up. I think He was just testing me to see if I would do it.”

He added, “And I was not really comfortable about it. But I did.”

There is a sign leaning against his car now – instead of him holding it. The lettering is big, bold and dark. The script is simple – “Jesus is coming.” The sign faces those who would be driving east from the center of Chandler. There are little signs as well that say ‘Free Bible’ and ‘Free Crosses’ stuck in various spots prior to the entry way to where Wright parks his car every Saturday he can.

Wright doesn’t preach to those that stop. “I let God direct me into what needs to be said or done. Sometimes, we don’t really talk at all. I will give them a cross or a Bible – whatever they ask for. A few have asked me to pray with them and some have had questions.”

The Bibles come through donations. The crosses come through a ministry. “Vic Bass started making the yard crosses and giving them way. An anonymous benefactor made it financially possible for him to keep doing them, so he gives them a way.’

“I don’t want you to write this about me – because it is not about me,” Wright said.

Though he is an active member of Faith Baptist Church in Chandler, and he will tell those that stop about what type of ministries and programs the church offers, Wright isn’t out there to bring people to his church.

He doesn’t even try to talk about his own testimony – unless asked.

Wright is out there to make sure people know that God is real. “I want people to know God is real, and that a relationship with Him is important. His mercy saved me.”

He concluded, “Handing someone God’s Word is a treasure for me … it is the right thing to do.”

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