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Church sponsors Native American day

From Staff Reports

LAKE PALESTINE - The Lake Palestine United Methodist Church in Chandler will be hold a special event at 6:45pm, April 26, as part of the church’s efforts to recognize Native Americans.

Joe Martinez, will be the guest speaker. He is a member of the Comanche Nation, and will present a message on the incorporation of Christianity into the Comanche culture. He will also have a display of his grandfather’s WWI memorabilia. His grandfather was a ‘wind talker’ in WWII.

Pat Drago is coordinator of the event. “As part of the United Methodist congregation, there is an annual event on a Sunday where we recognize Native Americans.”

This year, Drago said, they decided to do something a little different. Joe Martinez has visited the Chandler Museum and Visitors’ Center one afternoon when Drago was there as a volunteer. They had a conversation about Martinez’s family, and the history with the Comanche culture.

Drago mentioned about her church’s event, and she said, “Mr. Martinez said, oh, I can do that.” He told Drago that he could bring his memorabilia, and also come in full Indian dress.

“He was happy to do it,” Drago stated, “We will still have another short program and offering for missions with the Native Americans, but on Wednesday night, April 26, Mr. Martinez will be our main speaker.”

Lake Palestine United Methodist Church is located at 2889 FM 315 in Chandler.

The public is invited.

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