2017-04-20 / Writer's Corner

The Lions Den

Lions bring Easter Smiles
By Ruby Simon

What an awesome day we had at the Chandler Nursing Center last Thursday. We were hopping around and having a great day with everyone. Lion Gloria Estes and I helped residents make a bunny mask with big ears and funny glasses and a big hat. Gretta was there to cheer us all on. We had the bunny ears going one way and glasses another but when we were though they were so cute. Over the years, Lions have made many different crafts, but Easter crafts are our favorite. The residents had an Easter egg hunt early that day for the kids, and they were still laughing about the kids playing and running around looking for eggs. We sat and listened as they talked about being a kid and finding eggs, their Easter dresses and a big Easter dinner after church. Easter is a great time to make memories with families and friends and to remember Jesus is the true meaning of Easter.

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